The Skipper, La Skippette and our 3 Crew


Born in 1973, Julian has an adventurous spirit. Tall, handsome and even bright, Julian is an excellent sailor; all his family can count on him and sleep peacefully.



Born en 1973, Albane was rocked to sleep by the waves from her berth on a beautiful Sancerre (designed by Philippe Harlé). Albane first sailed on an optimist in the Bassin d’Arcachon. Her parents have taught her all she needs.



Born in 2002, Hugo is increasingly interested in charts and navigation. He enjoys helming and is great at holding a course. Hugo is impatient to start school on board so he can tutor his sister!



Born in 2003, James is an engineer, taking apart and reassembling anything and everything he can get his hands on. Blessed with an unrivalled curiosity and ingenuity, James always finds a solution to a problem! He’s also the king of knots. He enjoys climbing everywhere, especially into the shrouds and on the boom.



Born in 2006, Daisy loves to take care of her cabin, surrounded by her countless soft toys of every type.
She likes to help her mother in the galley, chill out in the cockpit, dance around when the boat is moving and play board games with her brothers.

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