Where we are now

Having selected a blog host that doesn’t allow java scripts, we’ve not yet succeeded in embedding an AIS tracking chart in this page, so for the time being we’ll just make do with a less visual representation of our progress:





4 Responses to Where we are now

  1. Yzerman Dyjp says:

    Hey Sailors
    I’m back!!!
    My mail was wrong 😖
    It’s ok now

  2. Djp says:

    Avez vous enfin pris la route des Canaries ??

  3. Tates says:

    Hi guys from the Tate Family in Abu Dhabi. Keep up the adventure so you make it to the Gulf! And keep posting your updates so we can share the fun. All our love

  4. Yzerman Dyjp says:

    Alors les navigateurs ?
    La route est elle bonne et les vents favorables ?
    Impatients d avoir de vos nouvelles ….
    Des dauphins vous accompagnent ils ?
    Nos pensées et nos rêves sont avec vous…

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