James in South Brittany

Hey guys.

I’m having a wonderful time – let me tell you why. On the way here (South Brittany) we saw a few dolphins, we went to the beach a couple of days ago, we went to a friend’s house and they had a massive garden and we got to drink cider!!!
Best of all was the skate park in Guernsey – brand new and the best I’ve been to yet. Here’s a photo:


I hope you guys are also having a great time.
Another update will come soon (maybe in French?).
If you are reading this please do tell some of my other friends.

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4 Responses to James in South Brittany

  1. jcznmag says:

    Hi James! I’ll tell Niccolò about your blog so we can follow you on your adventures! Jill

  2. Valentine Géffré says:

    Bien james, super les dauphins! Et je vois que tu restes les pieds sur terre avec ton skateboard! Bizzz Valentine

  3. Yzerman Dyjp says:

    Ah super
    Je pensais que James était muet ou avalé par un des dauphins !!!!!!!

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