Portosín – the rias of Galicia

That’s more like it. Small beach less than five minutes from the marina, big beach a walk through town further.

IMG_9242 IMG_9076

Aperitif in the marina club restaurant the first evening: calamares spot-on, bacalao with black olives great too, and the view (embellished by our Ovni) lived up to what one might expect a ria seaview to be.

The town is simple enough but a little more up-market than the ‘rustic’, ‘quaint’ charm of Camarinas.

IMG_9108 IMG_9088 IMG_9096 IMG_9057

Time at the beach each day saw life start to feel a lot more like a holiday than up until now. To such a degree that I’m wary of writing any more, risking sounding like anyone else talking about their holidays – wandered round town, lunch of tapas / fish in the town square on the terrasse, then all afternoon on the beach swimming, volleyball, petanque, football, sandcastles, ….

IMG_9129 IMG_9130

Leaving for the beach was delayed by the arrival of Campos, a Volvo Ocean Race 65 with Michel Desjoyeaux at the helm – Skippette took full advantage of the French flavour of the crew to scrounge an invitation aboard. A real push since there was about 10-15 minutes between the crew returning from lunch at the Club Nautico to cast off their lines.

IMG_9024 IMG_9028 IMG_9032

Sunset at the end of our first day was a striking pink ria sunset as we enjoyed aperitif of rose, tapenade, crisps, coke and sirop de grenadine in the cockpit. I hope everyone reading this has had a few of the same, and is enjoying sunshine wherever they are.

Securing permission to visit one of (reportedly) the best beaches in the world was facilitated by the very helpful marina staff who helped navigate Spanish bureaucracy.

Even the local Eroski bent their rules for us – payments with debit cards must be accompanied by passport or other photo id here, no matter who you are (local or tourist) – allowing us to leave with our shopping without paying.

One of the local fishermen even gave the whole crew a lesson in how to catch octopus and sardines.

Sunny, calm weather. No wonder we ended up spending three days here.

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4 Responses to Portosín – the rias of Galicia

  1. Florence Pardo says:

    So nice to have fresh news and pictures! Thanks for sharing this incredible adventure. Here kids are back to school, much less fun… Keep updating us and ENJOY every minute!!
    Des bisous pour tous. Les Pardo

  2. sboudon2013 says:

    Et c est quand la rentree pour vos loulous d abord!!!!! Lol
    Mais profitez bien de ces moments magiques….. Et merci encore ne nous les faire partager.

  3. Vales says:

    Waouh !!!!! Que c’est beau !!! Que vous êtes beaux et détendus… Tout simplement HEUREUX !
    Merci pour toutes ses belles photos que vous nous faites partager ainsi que votre livre de bord… Tu t’en souviens qd nous étions petites avec Philippe Silhouette qui nous impressionnait à lire le livre de bord de l’Albys 2 que nous tenions toutes les deux(Yseult étant encore trop petite pour écrire). Que de beaux souvenirs que tes enfants vont avoir aussi tout comme nous…
    Pendant que vous profitez du soleil, de la plage… Anne et Caro ont fait leur rentrée en 3ème vendredi. Elles sont contentes de reprendre les cours après 3 mois de vacances(du 13 juin au 5 sept). Les emplois du TPS sont déjà bien rempli pour les girls : football et boxe pour Anne, volley-ball et guitare pour Caro. Et…et tous les samedis Caro est jeune-sapeur pompier. Pensez à elle aujourd’hui : Rdv à 7:30 am pour connaître sa caserne d’affectation, faire sa visite médical et prendre son trousseau… Elle vous écrira pour vous raconter sa journée.
    Voili, voilà… notre rentrée chez les Verlet.

    Nous vous embrassons fort tous les 5.

  4. Les rousset says:

    wouah looks like you’re having a good time there !!! Not exactly the same for us here with “back to school”….but London weather not too bad ! Not sure yet if we are going on the boat this week-end, hard-working Captain very tired…and less motivation without you guys being there ! Love from the Rousset Family !

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