Cornered in Figueira (da Foz)

We pushed on southwards from Porto to arrive in Figueira da Foz with a poor forecast. Rather than press on to the next port, we chose Figueira to be stuck in.

Dominant depression to the west is just not moving, instead feeding on a high further west, with southerlies for the whole of last week and all of this week – less than ideal conditions to proceed southwards, with significant swell and wind on the nose. No end to these conditions in sight, but we can hope for an improvement in a week or so.

Fig depressionGrib

In the meantime we’re making the most of it, with …

Skateboarding, humongous beach, decent park with playground, good local market / decent supermarkets and even learning some German. We can only wish the marina WiFi was less ropey.

IMG_0923 IMG_0717IMG_0724IMG_0756  IMG_0748 IMG_0734    IMG_0865  IMG_0776 IMG_0826

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1 Response to Cornered in Figueira (da Foz)

  1. Vales says:

    Heureusement que les skate-park existe pour James. Bravo !!!
    Et magifique ta carte !! Je n’y comprends rien… Le gribouilli bleu c’est quoi ?

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