Under way (finally) and bon anniversaire, Skippette

Once again in convoy with Windfall and Captain Do’Too, we motored to Peniche to celebrate Skippette’s birthday with Taittinger, Douro, massive côte de boeuf and Windfall cupcakes for the candles.



The following morning it was on to Cascais (still in convoy but with Spray, a Swedish ARC participant, making up a fourth member), when for the first time in weeks we could switch off the engine and enjoy a few hours of talking to another without raised voices, albeit bracketed by dark clouds, lightning and rain, both on departure and arrival in Cascais.

IMG_9966-001 IMG_9965 IMG_1851IMG_9894IMG_9962 IMG_1877 IMG_1871 IMG_1857

The big difference was the glorious sailing conditions enjoyed for two whole hours (!) down past a headland, culminating in one reef in BF5 before the wind died beyond the promontory – somehow the northerlies staying too far offshore for our needs.

A swarm of jellyfish on the way into Cascais kept the boys entertained for the final stretch. No swimming! No change there then.

IMG_1905 IMG_1934IMG_2019IMG_2018IMG_2010IMG_2014 IMG_2016IMG_2003IMG_1991IMG_1987

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2 Responses to Under way (finally) and bon anniversaire, Skippette

  1. Jacqui Evans says:

    Bon anniversaire Albane! That beef looks French style ‘saignant’ to me!

  2. Vales says:

    Elles sont ÉNORMES les méduses !!!
    On constate qu’il y a tjs une bonne occasion pour boire une bonne bouteille. Vous en avez rempli la cale du bateau avant de partir ?
    Bisous à tous

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