Mid-Atlantic update from Khujada 2

No bandwidth (via satellite) so no pictures.

We’re taking the scenic route (rather than the more direct and allegedly less comfortable direct course).
You can follow our progress on the fleetviewer page of the ARC’s website (go to worldcruising.com / select rally ARC / select fleet viewer) – note that from iOS devices it’s a paid app so recommend using a PC.

Water temperature: 26C
Air temperature: 29C(rather overcast today)
Showers per person per week: ~1.5? (water-making is a key daily activity) Skipper’s beard length: uncharted territory but well set for Xmas ho-ho-ho-ing. ARC vessels within 100 miles at start: ~175
ARC vessels within 100 miles midday yesterday: 7
Other vessels seen in last 24 hours: 0
Provisions remaining: ample (no leftovers from last night’s carbonara)
Crew happiness index: high – morale is good, children doing amazingly at keeping themselves entertained. Fish caught: 0 (hours spent fishing: could do better!)
Fish caught by boat: half a dozen flying fish.
Reefs taken in / out: too many to count!
Distance covered: almost halfway?

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6 Responses to Mid-Atlantic update from Khujada 2

  1. Albane says:

    I can see you! with the iridium I only had a wide blue sea but no Smart! How exciting. I think of you every monday when I cross the River Thames on my little double or quad. Obviously rowing isn’t the same but I get sometimes challenged by the waves of bigger boats and the wind. Hope you are all doing well. Albane, j’ai mange un bon magret de canard hier mais si cela peut te consoler, il ne fait que 5 degres dehors… Je vous embrasse tous tres fort. Soyez prudents. Albane

  2. sboudon2013 says:

    Looking forward to seeing the bearded Capitain……
    Just to let you know guys that we ll be in Punta Cana from the 19th of december and We ll go faster then you hi hi hi. May be we ll meet each other for Christmas? LOL
    Enjoy the second half. kiss from Boudon’s family

  3. sboudon2013s says:

    Lookink forward to seeing the bearded capitain…..
    Just to let you know that we ll be in Punta Cana from the 19th of december and will go faster than you hi hi hi….may be you,ll join us for Christmas…..LOL
    good luke for the second half. Kiss from les BOUDON

  4. By the way, cannot seem to find you on ARC

  5. Olivia Morley says:

    Hi Julian, Albane and kids. Lovely to hear you are doing well. We have been closely following your updates and progress. Loved hearing all about where you have been, what you’ve seen and been up to. Such an amazing adventure. Am very envious! Might have to come and meet up with you…
    How’s the schoolwork going? Do you need me to come and crack the whip? Like I had to do with Mummy at university….hee hee.
    Here in Hong Kong, it’s getting cooler. 12 degree and its now considered winter. Hope the weather where you are is okay and not causing too much grief.
    Brett and I are off to Angkor Wat, Cambodia at the weekend to take part in a 1/2 marathon (me) and 10km (Brett plus 6 other friends). Should be fun. Never been. Supposed to be a great run through the temples.
    We are here for Christmas. Have family out here – Mum. Amanda and her family have moved out here which is great.
    Don’t use up all your champagne before New Year!!
    Big hugs and kisses all around. Looking forward to the next instalment.
    Olivia, Brett and the girls

  6. Les rousset says:

    Thanks for the news guys ! Nice to hear you’re all well, and hope the stock of champagne is still good ! Good luck for the second half of the crossing, can’t wait to see the pictures of Julian’s beard, ho ho ho ! Lots of kisses from les Rousset

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