We have arrived!

We crossed the finishing line at around ~0600 UTC.
We were welcomed by:
– a flotilla (well, the committee boat and the photographer’s rib),
– a salute (not 21-gun admittedly but a signal horn to announce our arrival to the world),
– cheering spectators (perhaps not 000s but intermittent cheering, whistling and whooping followed us as we made our way around the marina), and
– a welcoming committee on our pontoon of at least a dozen, possibly twenty friends and ARC team members – brilliant that they stayed up until (or got up at) two in the morning to welcome us to Las Palmas – thank you all very much!
The welcoming party included a local welcome of rum punch for the adults, cola for the children – whom we roused, they were very happy to see a friend, Max from Rosea, there to welcome them – as well as a very generous and thoughtful bottle of fizz from Vagaris, which we enjoyed at our leisure once everyone else had gone to bed. Thank you again.

Safe, sound. Arrived.

Lots to do tomorrow, but for the moment let’s relax! (Or perhaps, “smile mon!”)

Khujada 1 Khujada 3 Khujada 5 Khujada 6

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10 Responses to We have arrived!

  1. Un joyeux anniversaire à ma princesse !
    J’espère t’avoir très vite au téléphone.
    Pleins d’énormes bisous tous glacés de France.
    Ta marraine qui t’aime fort.

  2. frinb says:

    Fantastic, so amazing. . a little jealous too, enjoy land x

  3. Christopher says:

    Fantastic to read and congratulations! No doubt a moment to savor with the family.

  4. Brigitte says:

    Nous suivions la traversée avec attention grace aux données reçues.
    Un très joyeux Noel au soleil -) et bonne découverte des îles

  5. Simon and Jo says:

    Congratulations Smarts.

    Here’s to a wonderful Christmas for you all on dry land with memories of the Tuna that got away and the many other great adventures on board.


  6. Les rousset says:

    Well done guys !!! So proud you you all, you did it in time for Christmas ! Enjoy and celebrate now….Here it’s the last day at school before the holidays….the girls are exhausted ! We are going to try and find some snow in Tignes…! Please send us some pics very soon I want to see julian’s beard and the tuna ! Happy late Bday to Hugo !!! xxx

  7. Michele Hodgson says:

    Ouf! Me voici completement rassuree. Now the real fun starts, right!? Biz biz

  8. C’est super !!! Nous sommes tellement heureux pour vous. Quelle aventure !!! Et ce n’est que le début.
    Avons hate de découvrir vos photos et les commentaires d’Albane et des enfants en français. J’assume !! Je suis nulle en anglais !!
    Bisous à vous tous et à bien vite en vidéo.
    Vales, dom, Anne et caro

  9. Yzerman Dyjp says:

    Fantastique super super super
    Bravissimo Smart Family
    Chapeau les enfants !
    Vous avez osé et vous y avez cru !
    Il faut croire en ses rêves pour les tutoyer ..

  10. veronique chapplow says:

    Fantastic! Super well done, all of you! Am very happy for you and extra relieved!! Party time now!

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