Puerto R-r-r-r-r-r-r-riiiicooooo!

GOPR2058-003Friendly and welcoming party people. Louder than loud music.
Just a great place to visit, whether miles away from it all in ‘hippie’ Culebra, or amongst the crowds on (the main) Escambron Beach in San Juan.

Weekends on any (usually isolated paradise of a) beach see gatherings of dozens of small motorboats lined up in a rank like a Victorian thin red gauntlet, groups rafted together all along the beach with blaring Latin music blasting out of massive stereos all day long, the occupants either socialising on board or half immersed with a drink in one hand.

Everywhere we’ve been we’ve been welcomed, and the first thing they want to know is if we’re enjoying their country – so proud to be Puerto Rican.

Laid back, party people.
We’re fans.

Viva la vida!


Body-surfing Flamego BeachIMG_9363 IMG_9337IMG_9335

Golf cart in CulebraIMG_9308 IMG_9307

Feeding time at the Dinghy DockIMG_9299

Colourful Culebra IMG_9288

Wild north of CulebraIMG_8928 IMG_8925 IMG_8922 IMG_8876 IMG_8830

Ready for our rideIMG_8817

Palominitos (desert island) and Las Palominas IMG_8773 IMG_8684 IMG_8650IMG_8630IMG_8655IMG_8627 IMG_8612IMG_8607 IMG_8524IMG_8522

San Juan beach & anchorageIMG_8307 IMG_8150

El Morro & old San Juan004 Other VIs Puerto Rico1IMG_8102 IMG_8099 IMG_8087 IMG_8066 IMG_8053 IMG_8033 IMG_7964 IMG_7924 IMG_7912 IMG_7901 IMG_7877 IMG_7862 IMG_7822 IMG_7814 IMG_7795 IMG_7723 IMG_7522 IMG_7502

Culebra & Culebrita – cool!IMG_7292 IMG_7233 IMG_7187 IMG_7183 IMG_7129 IMG_7099

Tamarindo Beach with Cygnus PenaGOPR2064 GOPR2063-004 GOPR2058-013 GOPR2058-012 GOPR2058-011  GOPR2058-002 GOPR2058-001 GOPR2058 GOPR2057-007 DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO GOPR2017-001 GOPR2015-017 GOPR2010-005 DCIM100GOPRO GOPR1955 GOPR1952-004 GOPR1948 GOPR1916-005 GOPR1907-004 GOPR1905

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