Progress in Port-la-Forêt

  • Beaches: first baignades (and skimboarding, petanque, sandcastles) of the trip off Brittany’s beaches – water still needs to get a lot warmer as we progress southwards.
  • Pizzas: best ever (or at least for a very long time) Calzones in the pizzeria du port.
  • Bricolage:
    • Finally managed to source a solution to the broken cockpit shower cover (water ingress risk in following seas) in Port-la-Foret.
    • Skipper + James get to grips with soft shackles, improving our boom brake rigging.
    • At the same time also picked up some decent cushioning for skipper’s rear.
  • Blogging: all three of the children have updated the blog, so we’re on the road to them taking over – we can always hope?
  • Weather: window due overnight tonight, so Biscay beckons …
  • Provisions: bought most of Carrefour – no room for the groceries, so more games / toys / clothes leaving the boat!

Starred Photos6

Starred Photos5

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