Stuck with bad wind (by Hugo)

Hi everyone I am now in Portugal, Figuera da Foz. So now let me tell you how I
arrived here: first we went to a port at Portosin it wasn’t very interesting, next we went to an anchorage named Islas Cies and according to the Guardian
it was the most beautiful beach in the world. Well he’s mad or he was being sarcastic when he said that or it’s just that he’s been to dumps which have had a sign that says beach!

This is the beach of Islas Cies.


But the island itself was interesting because we went on a long walk, we found lizards and there was a camping site. Next we went to another anchorage at Baiona which
was next door to the port of Baiona.


Baiona is also where Cristopher Columbus
ended up after coming back from America…

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2 Responses to Stuck with bad wind (by Hugo)

  1. Vales says:

    Merci Hugo pour ton tes explications.

  2. Aude says:

    Bon anniversaire Albane !!!
    Le vent a-t-il tourné ?
    J’espère que tout va bien chez les Smarts@Sea.
    Grosses bises
    Aude….of Berlin….

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