Too wet for some …

RIBs and small motor-boats constitute a handful of seemingly “fair-weather” local boats struggling to cope with (so far) three days of wet and windy weather, and many of their owners have given up on what they describe as an awful summer.


IMG_1198IMG_1196Conditions here remain atypical (southerlies have prevailed for three weeks where prevailing winds are supposed to be northerly) with heavy rain and 30+ knot winds from the south.

Stronger winds suggest the depression that’s penned us in here may, at last, be on the move. Kite flying on the beach this afternoon, anyone?

IMG_1270IMG_1306IMG_1395IMG_1423     IMG_1229

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1 Response to Too wet for some …

  1. Yzerman Dyjp says:

    Le beau temps va arriver dans vos eaux portugaises car le vent violent vient d atteindre la Côte d Azur
    Ciel dans un camaïeu de gris avec la lumière sous jacente et ça souffle dans les palmiers !!!!!
    Et toujours 25 28©
    Pas envie d aller découvrir la collection hiver de Zara !!!!!!
    On est encore Tshirts et Repetto ☀️😎😎

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