Lycee Khujada 2: start of term

Day One of home schooling for the children and Skipper is taken aback to learn that ‘triangle quelconque’ is a genuine geometry term taught in the lycee (was insistent it had to be ‘scalène’ with proper Greek roots).

After years of conjugal criticism of the British for dumbing down specific scientific terms for lay colloquialisms (varicelle / varicella versus chickenpox), what good fortune to have the ‘whatever’, or possibly ‘wotevver triangle’.

The children are working hard to start catching up with their respective syllabi, and it’s not straightforward to hold three different classes (5eme, 6eme and CE2) in the same small space, nor is it easy for the children to maintain the discipline of the classroom, particularly when each one is having different lessons and it’s 28-30 degrees outside.


At least the facilities for la récré aren’t too shabby!

IMG_3536IMG_3546IMG_3544IMG_3548IMG_3541 IMG_3491IMG_3565IMG_3577

IMG_3553-001IMG_3572-001   IMG_3580-002 IMG_3578IMG_3580-003 IMG_3580-005IMG_3580-007 IMG_3580-012IMG_3580-013IMG_3580-014

And the canteen offers plenty of variety.



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5 Responses to Lycee Khujada 2: start of term

  1. Tjs aussi sympa vos photos. Ca me manque de ne pas t’avoir eu au tel dps ton depart de Londres…c’est long ! Un petit FaceTime serait génial…😢😪😩😫😒😞😌😔😶😟pleins d’énormes bisous des verlet

  2. Good luck lovely teacher! I have one CE2 and one sixieme at home if you need you can Skype! Missing u. Where and when do we meet? Xx Estelle.

  3. Estelle says:

    Love it, lovely teacher! I have one CE2 and one sixieme at home if you want to Skype! Miss u. Where and when do we meet? Estelle.

  4. Albane says:

    Great to see you kept up w the british sense of “humour”!I won’t show the recreation and cantine to my kids for fear they will start a revolution in their school.
    Have a nice time teaching your angels, that, I don’t envy.
    Lots of love,

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