Campaign for equal heights

IMG_5699Fed up with discrimination just because you’re a little taller than the arbitrarily-determined average? Me too. One of the few mistakes we made when commissioning Khujada 2 was including our bimini (cockpit sun-shade) as part of the build – I have been unable to stand up beneath it – designed by a French short-a**e for French short-a**es (or alternatively I could be more generous and suggest it was designed entirely for form over function, but I won’t) – since we bought the boat in 2012.

The cost to change (to sufficient headroom) was initially prohibitive, but the scale of usage driven by the incessant heat and sunshine here has encouraged application of more effort to the problem.
Cogitation resulted in a simple plan to raise it by 20cm at a very acceptable cost.

It is done. I can stand at the helm with the bimini deployed. Only those who suffer constant stooping beneath insufficient headroom on boats or regular “pate scrapes” on thoughtlessly low ceilings, thresholds or other sharp protrusions will truly appreciate how much more content this minor improvement makes me feel.

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1 Response to Campaign for equal heights

  1. Marc D says:

    As a fellow sufferer of low ceilings doors and other thresholds I can truly sympathise with your plight Julian and congratulations for resolving that ever nagging problem. Enjoy standing upright as should be your birthright!!!!


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