No pressure

Alubat en tete

An Alubat yacht is leading the ARC+ fleet.

Admittedly it’s a rather larger and grander unit than our Ovni 395 at ~60 feet, but a Cigale is currently leading the ARC+ fleet who left Las Palmas this afternoon.

PLEASE don’t expect Khujada 2 to lead the ARC fleet (ARC+ boats go via the Cape Verde islands, ARC boats go direct and leave later). One of the fastest racing boats in the world – I understand Leopard 3 holds a number of speed records – will be leading us out across the Atlantic, and we are certainly NOT expecting to push our way to the front.

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2 Responses to No pressure

  1. Marc says:

    So when is D day Julian? Hope all is well with you guys and wishing you all the best for the big journey ahead

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