Offsetting our carbon emissions

Forest Project-011-web

On Friday the Smart family planted upwards of 20 trees up on an escarpment overlooking Las Palmas and Galdar, as part of an ARC team planting several hundred trees to support an initiative to replant the hillsides of the north of Gran Canaria, deforested long ago by the Spanish settlers for sugar plantations, and at the same time offset the carbon the fleet will emit as we cross the Atlantic.

IMG_6185IMG_6220IMG_6341IMG_6201IMG_6343IMG_6298IMG_6295IMG_6327IMG_6324IMG_6328IMG_6329IMG_6330 IMG_6266 IMG_6262  IMG_6207  IMG_6199

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3 Responses to Offsetting our carbon emissions

  1. Un peu de travail sur la terre ferme vous manque 😂 ?
    Pleins de bisous à vous tous. Les parents jouss sont toujours avec vous ? Si c’est le cas nous les embrassons fort.

  2. Brigitte says:

    Well done.
    Alles vous passer l’hivers dans les îles Canaris?

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