Too many people on board?

We’re no strangers to having lots of people round. At home Albane can rarely resist inviting 12 or more for what started out as a small dinner party, and is never flustered by the prospect of catering for large numbers. This was something else. We wanted to host a birthday party for one of our friends. Chili, Delphia, Take Off, Aretha, Matilda and Khujada 2. 6 boats. 12 adults. 16 children. 28 people on board to celebrate – double the maximum permitted by the manufacturer. Champagne, cava, wine and beer (even some water) accompanied confit de canard, rice and fondant de chocolat. It all went wonderfully. Tomorrow we’re expecting still more for our New Year’s Eve celebration on the beach here in Chatham Bay on Union Island. Happy New Year everyone!

IMG_2728IMG_2730IMG_2774IMG_2726 IMG_2711IMG_2706 IMG_2759IMG_2751 IMG_2735IMG_2760

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3 Responses to Too many people on board?

  1. frinb says:

    Wish we were there, Happy New Year xxx

  2. Stefan says:

    we are in the same Bay in Grenada. Watch out for ANNE and Crew.


    • juliansmart says:

      We saw you as we sailed down the west coast yesterday – no answer on our VHF again – we are staying in Prickly Bay marina for a day or two.
      Do come ashore and find us sometime, or otherwise we may be on the beach tomorrow afternoon?
      Happy New Year!

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