Online and powered up

New Year, new location.
After checking in briefly in Carriacou overnight it was down to Prickly Bay, Grenada, for some recharging of batteries, both figurative and literal.

Prickly Bay merits its popularity. Grenada is friendly and less pushy (for visitors’ dollars!), with a more laidback feel than the other windward islands we’ve visited so far. And in our first marina for a fortnight not only do we have electricity (shore power), mains water and wifi, but the marina restaurant bakes fresh bread every morning, does very decent pizzas and they put on quality entertainment on their stage most evenings.

The local chandlery also has some decent outboards in stock.
Since our dinghy was flipped upside down in Chatham Bay by a mischievous gust of wind whilst we were all out on an excursion for the day in Clifton, we’ve been completely reliant on the rest of our flotilla for taxi service to and from shore.
(4-strokes don’t like spending time upside down in sea water! They don’t sell replacement oars in Chatham Bay either!)
A new outboard has been on the shopping list since leaving the UK (6 years old and too small for outside Europe), and for the first time all three of our criteria of availability, price and model were all met.
We now have a new Tohatsu 9.8hp.

photo tohatsu

Tomorrow we’ll pick up laundry then head up to St. George where we’ll take care of provisioning.
Then we’ll say goodbye to one of our flotilla as they make their way down towards Panama and as the wind abates we’ll look to make the most of holiday-makers going back for start of term and work to do the rest of the Grenadines including Tobago Cays. We want to see some turtles!


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