Snorkels and slacklines


James, Albane & Hugo:


Grenada’s underwater sculpture park was a great opportunity to refine snorkelling skills before arriving in Tobago Cays.

We hunted down statues dotted all round a reef just north of the capital, St. George.

Having dipped our toes in the water, it was off to the Grenadines in hope of clement weather and good visibility.


Tobago Cays was blemished only by consistent 20+ knot winds – the highest reading on our anemometer was 41 knots! – but was nonetheless a wonderful snorkelling opportunity for all the family, with turtles all over the place – even swimming past Khujada 2 in the anchorage – rays (leopard and sting rays), trumpet fish, needle fish lighting up the waters every night, the usual reef fish, sea urchins. All the children are building more and more confidence in and under the water.



James showing us how it’s done:

GOPR0666-001 GOPR0666-002 GOPR0666-003 GOPR0666-004 When not in the water it was on the beach, with all ages participating on the slackline – even the (let’s not call them elderly) cruise ship passengers spending the day on Petit Bateau.

Arriving in Wallilabou for some Pirates of the Caribbean, the children’s first instinct on arriving in Keartons’ was to jump off the boat and explore the bay and its cave underwater. With water temperature typically 28 degrees or higher, there’s no reason not to.

Monkeying around!


GOPR0667-002 GOPR0667-001

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4 Responses to Snorkels and slacklines

  1. Dyjpyzerman says:

    Enfin arrivés en Martinique ?
    Super stop familial avec les Michels et Cassandre !

  2. Dyjpyzerman says:

    So strange these underwater human sculptures ..!

  3. Dyjpyzerman says:

    Smart family in paradise !

  4. sboudon2013 says:

    You didn’t let us know that there were mermaids in the deep carabean see…… Or may be it is Albane???? wouahhh

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