Family time in Martinique

Two weeks of easy-paced family time either comfortably ensconced in Le Marin marina or anchored in front of the beach in St. Anne where the children enjoyed a few nights in bricks and mortar with their grandparents and cousin.


Many (if far from all) of the trappings of civilisation on offer in French Outremer – there’s a VERY good boulangerie in Le Marin, with supermarkets offering Comte, Mousseline, Nutella, Rocher Suchard, not to mention decent wine at a decent price. And the chandlery is outstanding – Skipper has never seen so many through-hull valves in one place! – make it easy to stay here still longer.

There’s even a skate park!


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1 Response to Family time in Martinique

  1. cecilealais says:

    Hi everyone on board! So great to have news; We had a coffee yesterday morning in Bonbon and I was telling Carol , Jocelyn , and Lisa… as we hadn’t had any recent news that i was going to send you an email and here there are ; beautiful pictures as always! it must have been nice to catch up with a family in such beautiful surroundings! We had fun yesterday evening at Lisa’s birthday party with cakes and champagne! Albane was missing but hey who can compete with La Martinique? Great to hear from you ! Bises à vous deux, Hugo, James et Daisy. Cécile & Co.

    Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2015 19:37:53 +0000 To:

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