“We could have a pet!”

Parents expect this sort of nonsense from their children at Christmas, less so on arriving in a new Caribbean harbour. Skippette’s roast chicken (there is none better, as some of you will know and none of you should doubt!) is a rare treat in these climes where any meat seems to go off within a day of purchase, but our first night in Antigua proffered a worthy occasion.
As the meal gently ground to a close I posited whether it might be prudent to ease the stern lines a metre or so to deter any casual visitors in the night … JUST as a passing dog should wander past with the scent of (let’s not forget THE VERY BEST) roast chicken filling its nose. As it hesitated we bravely eased both stern lines by several metres.

IMG_1266 IMG_1265

Yes, of course it could still easily make the distance, but it had the good manners to sit there and whine briefly, quietly before retreating to the lawn behind.

Perhaps we should just stick to fish! (At least we’ve got wifi on board for the first time in – is it? – a fortnight?)

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1 Response to “We could have a pet!”

  1. Dyjpyzerman says:

    Hihi hi hot-dog ❓❓❓
    After roasted chicken ‼️❗️

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