MORE family time!

This time in Les Saintes, Guadeloupe.

Les Saintes: French food quality. Mediterranean style. Reasonable prices. No hassle. Laid back vibe without too many tourists. Crystal clear water with great snorkeling.

No wonder we stayed for several days longer than we planned – notwithstanding the fact that we enjoyed another visit from a family member – we’re spoilt!
Henri-François, Albane’s cousin, spent three or four days on board with us and was an easy guest, whether jumping off the boat, fishing, shopping or just hanging out, whom the children in particular were sad to see leave.
Merci de ta visite, HF! A tres bientot!



Pain Sucre Snorkel1

GOPR0789-002GOPR0797-010GOPR0825 GOPR0798-005

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2 Responses to MORE family time!

  1. Dyjpyzerman says:

    Super photos de grand bleu !
    And all photographies send by HF
    He enjoyed to visit you and your boat

  2. Dom,vales,Anne,caro says:

    Qu’elle chance vous avez eu d’avoir passé du temps avec HF. Il était super jouasse. Et ça ne m’étonne pas du tout que les enfants étaient tout triste de se séparer de lui. Il a tjs était un super tonton avec les girls.
    Qu’elle est votre future destination ?
    Nous vous embrassons fort et â très vite en FaceTime.
    Bisous â ma Daisy ❤

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