Overrated? Maybe not, but definitely overpopulated.

We (still) have high hopes of the British Virgin Islands. After rushing past St. Barts to get to St. Maarten from Barbuda, we were looking forward to getting away from it all again. Quiet wilderness, unspoilt nature, pristine beaches and marine habitats.

Unrealistic expectations? Perhaps, and our first impressions of the BVIs have made us a little uneasy, for if not overrated it’s definitely overpopulated with altogether too many other boats (who likely think much the same of us).

We had to sneak round behind Eustatia Island to get away from the crowds around Saba, Bitter End and Vixen Point in North Sound, where the boys made the most of the beach we found we had all to ourselves (it helps to choose a private island).


The water is a wonderful picture-postcard turquoise with visibility of 25 metres and more at times, even if snorkelling was marred by too much bleached coral.GOPR1590

The following morning we left for Anegada for a less developed, less crowded anchorage, and our arrival showed promise as a pair of dolphins and a turtle welcomed us as we approached.
Here’s the view from our transom after dark:


Yes, they’re all anchor lights. One of the most crowded anchorages we’ve ever seen. Maybe we just picked the wrong day to visit?
Tomorrow we’ll take a bus to visit a highly-rated beach on the other side of the island. Swings and roundabouts ….



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4 Responses to Overrated? Maybe not, but definitely overpopulated.

  1. Florence says:

    Dear Hugo,
    Your anchorage may seam overcrowded to you but certainly less so than Notre Dame de France today where we are heading for our Profession de Foi. Lucky you to be on the beach snorkelling! On pense a toi. Lucas

    • albanesmart says:

      Dear Lucas,

      Thank you for your comment I am very happy to hear from you. Over here there are a lot of snorkeling sites . And they are tiring, but fun! Not a long time ago we saw a sting ray with a tail about 3 meters long. I have a lot of fun snorkeling and playing on beaches and kayaking . I hope 5ème isn’t too hard to keep up with your schooling .

      Say hi for me to my friends
      See you soon, Hugo

  2. Dyjpyzerman says:

    Albane Julian
    My heart is with you
    And great thanks for all

  3. Valentine says:

    bonne continuation!!!!vivez dans les eaux turquoises pendant qu’ici on navigue en eaux saumâtres, attentats islamiques, extrêmes politiques qui montent, les démocraties battent de l’aile….bises!!!

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