Bowing out of the British VIs with a birthday bang

Best-of-the-best beach, birthday and buddies – Chili’s birthday, Jost van Dyke and Sandy Cay, with one of our last opportunities to celebrate en masse.

Au revoir to Chili, Morning Haze, 99 Bottles and Katyna (thank you for the thoughtful gift from Barbuda), as we head off to the US & Spanish Virgin Islands. Hasta la vista, babies!

IMG_6190 IMG_6192

IMG_6205IMG_4785IMG_6215IMG_6201IMG_6250 IMG_6223 IMG_6237  IMG_6253 IMG_6258 IMG_6304 IMG_6372 IMG_6380 IMG_6384 IMG_6389 IMG_6405 IMG_6482 IMG_6668

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1 Response to Bowing out of the British VIs with a birthday bang

  1. Sympa !!! Nous vous souhaitons un bon week-end de Pâques et une bonne chasse aux œufs en chocolat… Je ne sais pas comment vous allez gérer cà ? J’attends des photos…
    Pleins de bisous
    P.s: que c’est beau !!!! Nous tps de merdouille !!!

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