Khujada 2’s construction

Khujada 2 was built by Alubat, a French specialist in aluminium boats. We ordered the boat through North Sea Maritime, the UK agents for Alubat. We are delighted with all the help we got from them, from working through the initial specification, through the entire construction process and now on into after-sales (yes, they’re still there for us three years later), Stephen & Francine’s help, advice and friendship has been invaluable. They have high standards and make sure Alubat meets these from start to end.

We are very happy we ordered and prepared the boat with North Sea Maritime. So much so that we became friends over time and if you really want to know how well they look after their customers, Stephen even crossed the Atlantic with us! A very welcome addition, since he knows the boat like the back of his hand and his knowledge was priceless. We had a great time across the Atlantic – no surprise there, given we had a great boat and a great team.

Thank you Stephen for coming with us and a special thank you to Francine who let him go and Zoe & Thea who waited patiently for their Dad to come back for Christmas. An amazing experience.


P1080837   P1080832

Aluminium sheets                                                 Laser cut aluminium sheets


P1080768  P1080834

Aluminium sheets being fitted & welded to the frame

P1080989  P1080864


Once welding is complete (all the aluminium sheets and the internal structure)


P1090027   P1080777

Then the hull is turned upside down to finish up and ensure water-tight throughout.


IMG_4358 Insulation

Back again the right way around to thread the electric cables and install insulation


P1080823      P1080773

The cockpit is built separately; the roof & deck make the third main piece of the puzzle



Everything is then welded together – aluminium throughout.


P1080962    P1080942

The deck & the anchor locker

P1080912  P1090029

The bow                                                                Et voila!

Château-d'Olonne-20120604-00401  IMG_0010

Time to paint the boat for a beautiful finish!



P1080839        P1080845

The wood, for the inside (REAL wood!)               The carpenter hard at work.


IMG_0019  Khujada2 interior fitting 2

Khujada2 interior fitting 4 Khujada2 interior fitting 8

Work in progress


Time to see if Khujada 2 floats or sinks



She floats!!

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1 Response to Khujada 2’s construction

  1. C’est un très beau reportage ; incroyable que de simples plaques aluminium deviennent votre magnifique bateau !
    Un immense merci de nous faire partager votre aventure. Quel dépaysement ! J’attends avec impatience l’épisode suivant…😉
    Le plus impressionnant, Àprès vos magnifiques photos de paysages, d’atmosphère, ce sont les enfants. De les voir grandir, changer, mûrir…devant votre objectif. De les voit si heureux et vous aussi…ça donnerait envie de se lancer comme vous dans une belle aventure. Mais laquelle ? Pour l’instant c’est le brevet et le passage dans un bon lycée parisien pour nos girls. C’est moins exotique !
    Bisous pleins amour pour vous 5.

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