“Who wants to go to the beach?”

“Who wants to go to the beach?” “Not me” – “No thanks”.

Really? Yes, really. It’s sunny, water 28°, beach 32° and rising, pleasant mild breeze.
I guess you can have too much of a good thing – especially with internet access and good books on your Kindle.

Onboard apathy is further adversely affected by news of the tragic events resulting in the death of a six-year-old girl, as the crew of Rêves d’Ô, a family we met in Martinique, had to abandon their catamaran near the Azores on their return to Europe. It’s disturbing for us as fellow cruising parents.

Ship’s log extract 5th May:
“1204 local time. Course 155, true 165. S BF5. 1022. Slight. Good. 18’24’85N 64’36’35W. Steaming south from Road Harbour to Dead Man’s Bay – FINALLY after 9 days – internet, swimming pool, supermarket and deja vu make for an insidious and expensive combination.”

We need to go find some children for ours to play with.

At least skipper’s bread is proving popular, and Dead Man’s Bay retains its charm in spite of conditions much rollier than our last visit.


Peter Island resort at night


Fresh bread on board


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3 Responses to “Who wants to go to the beach?”

  1. Dyjpyzerman says:


  2. Dyjpyzerman says:

    Back to UK can be salvatury

  3. Dyjpyzerman says:

    Holidays Time must always end !
    To enjoy again and again …..next Time with new skies new seas and new beaches…!

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