Winch cleaning and Carrefour by tender in Cherbourg

A fast sail with the current from Braye round the Raz de Blanchard into a damp Cherbourg was our last stretch with Secret Agent before they returned across the Channel leaving us to continue on our way by ourselves.

IMG_0473 Leaving Alderney.
IMG_6641Riding the Raz.
IMG_0484Welcome to Cherbourg.
IMG_6647Wet yet full of cheer in safe harbour.

I have always fancied dinghying into the inner basin all the way to Carrefour (rather than the usual yachtsman’s habit of negotiating most of Cherbourg town centre with a full to bursting shopping trolley and abandoning it in the marina!). Lock opening times were inconvenient and ladder access in the inner basin impractical but we got most of the way there to stock up on soupe de poisson (avec sa rouille bien sur), confits, Curly and just a smidgeon of vin rouge.

IMG_6671Heading back out of town.

Dismantled primary cockpit winch (main halliard) later that afternoon.
I don’t have a paraffin bath – whatever that is – so made do with a pint of white spirit in a bucket.
Found it to be in pretty good condition – not certain it’s not the one I overhauled last time I pulled one apart.
Managed to do starboard genoa winch as well before foie gras, monbazillac took precedence over white spirit and winch grease.

IMG_6683IMG_6681IMG_6684Two down, four to go.

Then it would be off to St Vaast La Hougue with the tide to explore pastures new.

IMG_6688Leaving Cherbourg’s rade.
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