St Vaast La Hougue

IMG_6689IMG_2619First up, it’s pronounced “Sain Va La Oog” – not “Vast”!
After two days in Cherbourg provisioning, bilge cleaning, winch overhauling and le plouc’ing – after I got lost finding Le Pantagruel, our favourite restaurant in Cherbourg, it’s off to St Vaast La Hougue. Although known to be a charming – THE charming – resort of Cap de la Hague, we’ve never made it, partly because of our (south)westerly leanings, partly because it extends an already long day of channel crossing yet further.

A short afternoon of light winds and sill-making motor-sailing later, we arrived just in time for lock opening and were delighted by the picturesque marina and port surrounded by the traditional small town layout of a northern French beach resort, with its beach, restaurants, oyster farms, mediaeval forts, fishing vessels, sailor’s chapel and landscaped car park!

One night only before pushing onto Deauville, so we opted for seafood – it’s St Vaast after all with its reputation for oysters! Plateau de fruit de mer for one person (so often minimum two), oysters, moules frites and a bottle of their best Muscadet for less than €60! We’ll definitely be back, but for now it’s onwards and eastwards.



Pointe de Barfleur






Sailors’ chapel




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