Back on board (in familiar surroundings)

Stymied by a large, extended low that kept Skipper’s delivery crew in Cherbourg on the leg down from Amsterdam, we were reunited with Khujada 2 as a family on 3rd August.


After Skipper’s birthday celebration ticked all his boxes (aboard, reunited with his family, champagne, blinis and balloons (optional)!), we considered a passage plan to round Ouessant and Sein in the weather window opening over the weekend.

James’ quenelles:

Despite westerlies = motoring non-stop from StPP to Le Four and our good intentions NOT to submit the children to long passages at sea, we were optimistic about the idea of escaping the Channel and reaching South Brittany in one of the few (and far between) windows proffered that coincided with our holidays.

Allowing an extra day for any sea to dissipate proved a good idea, as the forecast lull was replaced by 20 knots in the harbour as the barometer climbed, so Test Match Special entertained Skipper as England dominated at Old Trafford, until at the close the wind finally waned, the clouds cleared and the barometer held steady.

Once round Cap de la Hague, it was upwind all the way to Finistère, but with light winds it was a price we were determined to pay.






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1 Response to Back on board (in familiar surroundings)

  1. cecilealais says:

    Salut Albane et Julian ,

    Bonne Année si je l’ai pas encore souhaitée!
    J’ai reçu 6 mels de Khujada 2 c’est
    Normal ?
    De Hollande !

    Sent from my iPhone

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